Samidha Learning Community

Samidha Learning Community (SLC) Centers are innovative approach to connect the educational thoughts like Community Based Learning, Lifelong Learning, Continuous Learning with Child Education. We are using Service Learning and Critical Pedagogies as our tools for the same. Samidha is focused on Child education but assumes that its not complete without educating the community. Therefore, we are trying to provide those learning opportunities to adults.

SLC focuses on Child Education, but there are few essential aspects without which SLCs cannot sustain. Therefore, Samidha is trying to work towards those as well. Everyone in the community need to give thoughts to those other points only then SLCCs can services in 21st Century

Objectives for Year 2017-18

1. Educational Projects

Design, Implement, research, document and publish Educational Projects for Children to provide academic support, explore personal interests and achieve social sensibility, in a rural and urban context

2. Piloting Support Functions

Piloting essentials for establishing Samidha Learning Community like self-sustainability, self-reliance, increasing happiness, democratic principles, minimalist lifestyle at organizational level through Samidhians

Educational projects have following three focus areas,

Academic Support Personal Interests Social Sensibility
1 Muktachhand Library Running Samidha Social Sensibility framework on 8 themes
2 The Granny Cloud Morning Curriculum Know your surrounding
3 Computer Awareness Music Room Need identification
4 Science Corner Sports Room Projects to address immediate needs
5 Writing Corner Crafts Room Integrating Samidha Social Sensibility Framework during all efforts

Samidha think that learning communities won't sustain if few values, practices and believes are missing. Therefore, Samidha will concentrate on these during the 2 Year of the SLC development. But as its first time Samidha will be introducing it in the Urban and Rural context, we will be piloting it with the help of all Samidhians before planning something on these thoughts. We will not force these things on any of the volunteers but will propose it as part of the organizational plan for year 2017-18.

Samidha have identified total 5 focus areas for the Support Functions


practicing Democratic/Samidha values

Self reliance for basic needs (food, clothing, shelter)

Reducing consumptions by Minimalist lifestyle

proactive measures to increase the happiness

Samidha is proposing to prepare the daily checklist for the members to track their practices. Before finalizing this checklist Samidha will gather list of good practices on above areas. Each area will be focused every week to prepare and try the checklist. After 5 weeks finale list will be prepared and posters will be created for Samidhians. These data will be collected back and soft coded. Samidha will try to understand the challenges and will take expert advices for addressing those. Based on these study for entire year Samidha will design its projects around those.

What we did in the past ?

  • Muktachhand
  • Computer literacy
  • Begging for a great cause
  • Visit Orphanage
  • Melghat Workshop
  • Volunteering at Hemalkasa
  • Charity show at Bharat natya mandir
  • Sinhagadavar Ek Sakal (A beautiful morning on Fort Sinhagad)
  • Plantation Drive
  • Baseline Study for Goa state
  • Raddi Collection
  • Anti Child-Begging Campaign (ACBC)
  • Women’s Day celebration