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Women's Day Celebration


7th march 2009 became the most memorable day in our lives. 

On the wake of International Women’s Day, we decided to spend some time with the members of the old age home Nivara. We had a rough plan of the things we had planned for their entertainment. And there we were with our brigade, to find some curious faces in the hall. Most of them did not know of the event, so they had been brought from their rooms to the recreation hall. 

Once there, Oju started with a small informal speech, a little awkward at the start, but later on she gained momentum with the wonderful response from our audiences. There were creased faces, as though drawn of emotions. Some spent almost 14 years at the old age home, working for their fellow mates. But as much as we tried to find, we could not find a face that was sad, or regretful. 

As the program proceeded, we encouraged some of the granny’s to participate. Some of the more enthusiastic ones asked if they could sing as well. And they sung so beautifully, bhajans and shlokas etc. They enjoyed the Question and Answers session where we asked them some GK questions that they answered with such zest, that we were amazed at their well informed ness. They especially liked the small gifts and roses given as a token of our appreciation. Pallavi’s dance was a hit with the grandpa’s, so was Sayali’s tabla performance. Songs presented by Ruchi and Devika were loved by all and so was the Magesh Padgaonkar’s poem presented by Priya. 

As the show was coming to an end, all the granny’s and grandpa’s present there were eager to sing more songs and enjoy a bit more. Ditto with all of us, we too wanted to stay a bit more and chat with them. These 2 hours with them, made us emotionally rich individuals. Each one of us experienced our own moment of solitude, remembering our grand parents, or family members or just being there with some strangers who had now become our best friends. At the end of the program, Pratibha aji, said something which we never thought of…she said Samidha is also the name of Sadhana Amte’s autobiography. This was truly enlightening and yet a very great honor, that we cannot yet handle, but will always try to live up to. They were the best at giving, showering all the blessings that they had. It was a heart felt occasion, when they were leaving…each one asking us…”when are you all going to come back again?” 

And we made a pact with our selves that Samidha is going to come here often…frequently…to meet our new found best friends…. We are going to remember this day, as one of Samidha’s first raw performance, but mostly as a day well spent…. Special thanks to Gauri, for making it all possible, Vaishnavi for the refreshing Kokam Sharbat and all the enthusiastic members of Samidha.