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Visit Orphanage... Be a reason for Life



So you thought the sight of a parent is the ultimate happiness for a child! What about the orphans then? What does their happiness lie in?

Even these children ,being tomorrow's nation ,should get the necessary upbringing and education ; and above all ,the support ,care and love that every child has a right to.

Hence we at samidha ,strive to facilitate provision of appropriate means of upbringing to destitute children supported by orphanages.

The least we can do is provide institutions with financial help ;and children with affection and care. Spending a couple of hours with them on a weekend ,playing away with them is all that the children ask for.

We can also provide them with help in Kind i.e. things ranging from used clothes to old toys to old used books-anything that might lighten up the face of a child.And her caretaker.

Provide all help you can because every child is not as fortunate as you are. Make them happy ,give them their reason to live-The feeling of being cared for.