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Event: MuktChhand

Participants: Samidhians, Kids of age group 7-15, Blind kids of school ‘SR Machve’, Mr. Jayesh Paranjpe, Prof. Vivek Ponkshe, Mr. Rounak Kharait, Prof. Milind P Patwardhan, Mr. Anil Gaikwad, Mrs. MoolChandani

The idea behind arranging the two days camp was to cultivate the heads of the new generation to sow seeds of their responsibility towards society and motivate them to make the world better place to live so that the seeds can germinate when the reason and season come together.

How Samidhians made it happen:
As the audience who attended the camp were of age group 7-15 so it was required to make the session learning as well as interesting enough so that the kids could not get bored. And samidhians made it happen through the following activities:

Day 1: Venue: VIT College

Ojaswini started with the introduction of Samidha as well as the purpose of camp. She motivated the audience to stop the wastage of resources like petrol, gas etc. She was good enough to draw the attention of kids by giving various good examples like the TV advertisement in which a kid sitting next to his father in a car, when saw his father did not stop the ignition on red light, said to his father that he would be a cycle repairer in his young age. On being asked the reason he replied to his father that he would have to do this because when he would grow young, the petrol will not be there for his use.

Physical Disablity:
Then, Bhushan gave presentation on a few kinds of physical disabilities and his intention was to make the children feel that special children affected with some disability should not be treated isolated. In fact, they should be treated in the same manner as the normal ones. However, we should always be helpful to such people. He delivered his presentation in quite effective manner and made it fascinated and easy to understand for kids by giving examples like the mentally disabled kid present in movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’.

Importance of wild life in human life:
Then, Mr. Jayesh Paranjpe, the person from Sanctuary Asia took a wonderful session on Wild Life and its importance in the balanced life cycle on earth. He told how the killing of animals and destroying woods is responsible in global warming and taught a various ways to help in decreasing global warming be it switch off lights when not in use, use CFL in place of bulbs, turn off the TV or any electronic device by main switch and get the wire out from socket. He made the session quite interesting for kids by involving them in playing a game like tambola in which there were animal names present instead of numbers on the cards given to kids.

Logical Game:
After that we made the kids to play a game and this game was also having some intention behind it to give them some learning. Game was like, all the kids were divided into groups of three each. Of the three, one was playing role of a blind, the other one playing role of one disabled hand and the third one was not able to speak. Then to each group a plastic animal as well as clay was given. Then all the three had to make the animal using clay helping one another. It taught children that even disabled kids can make the things happen by helping one another.

Scientific Attitude:
Then Prof. Vivek Ponkshe took session on Scientific Attitude. It was interesting for kids as he showed practical examples using candle and glass. He gave awareness of how the scientific attitude can be grown in anyone.

Then Mr. Mr. Rounak Kharait took session on Astronomy. It was an informative session just to give the kids information about astronomy.

Day 2: Venue1: Baner Hill, Venue2:Blind School ‘SR Machve’

Went Baner Hill for Plantation:
First the kids were taken at Baner Hill and there Mr. Anil Gaikwad addressed us and gave a small speech on how we have unintentionally destroyed the woods for the sake of developing high and cemented buildings and therefore due to the increased carbon-di-oxide in environment, the temperature on earth is increasing day by day. He taught them how the plantation can be helpful in decreasing the effect of global warming. The intention of the activity was to make the kids aware of how the plantation is helpful in our life and make them feel that continuous plantation can make the earth worth living otherwise in coming years it will be too tuff to survive. Mr. Gaikwad instructed the kids about how to plant the trees and got the plantation done by kids only. All the samidhians helped the kids in plating trees and all kids made it happen very enthusiastically. Mr. Gaikwad concluded the activity with the slogan “WE WILL SAVE THE EARTH. WE CAN DO IT!”

Went Blind School to know the routine life of special kids:
Then, the kids were taken to blind school. The intention behind this activity was to make the kids acquainted with the part of world that is somehow deprived of even very basic physical parts. It was to make them feel that how these kids who are not blessed with normal life survive in the world. It was an effort to make the kids understand that how the world needs them and make them feel responsible to do something for these creatures who are also created by God but are anyhow a bit unlucky. It was an effort to make them realize that they can make these special people happy by doing small things for them and by considering them equal to normal ones only. It was also a successful activity and here also kids did well by playing with the blind kids and also they learned a few games from them also. Samidhians also participated in playing with all kids. Everybody was involved in getting knowledge of their routine life like brail reading and writing. Also we were successful in making the day enjoyable for blind kids also. They also got involved with us and did lots of fun.

At last Sachin concluded with asking the experience of kids about two-days camp. All the kids were happy attending the two days workshop. The kids were asked to write an essay on the two days activities and the best three kids will be given a gift of subscription of Sanctuary Magazine.