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Computer Literacy



The basic knowledge of computers opens up a wide range of opportunities including small scale odd-jobs in the increasingly tech savvy India. The mass that actually requires these jobs are, however, not equipped to take up these positions. The government has provided equipment and teachers in government-run schools.However, these teachers are appointed through contracts allotted and are more often not well-versed in the use of computers themselves. This project hence also helps make better teachers and students.

We are proud to assist Atmabodh in implementing this project successfully, with permission from the Shikshan Mandal (Pune). Atmabodh volunteers take care of the teaching while we handle the other aspects of organizing the classes. The overall syllabus covered includes introduction to basic operations, hardware and software, Microsoft office and internet.

Weekend classes are being carried out for schools in three areas as described below.
Tadiwala road: This school provided the insights to the system of working of government-run schools and thus helped design the project. Saturday classes for student of class 5 and 6 are currently being carried out.

Gosavi Vasti: The initial project here was to bring back school drop-outs. We were relieved to find less students leaving out which brought us to the project of computer literacy. We are successfully conducting weekend classes for a group of students, atleast 25-30 of them being consistent. We also organized a session on ‘Education and empowerment for Women’ (Stree Sabalikaran aani Shikashan) to commemorate Women’s Day in the school to which we received an overwhelming response from the children.

Mata Kurunjai Vidyalay, Kurungwadi: This school lacked the instructors as well as the equipment. Hence we stepped in with about 5-6 laptops that we could pool-in and taught classes 5th to 10thlast year. The teachers have been very enthusiastic and co-operative in working with Samidha. There is a sparkle in the childrens’ eyes everytime they touch the laptops and are very careful in handling it. We are officially computer-dadasand computer-didis for the children who eagerly await the computer classes. The classes for current academic year are yet to commence.

You know how you feel when you crave for a car you saw in a commercial and how your face lights up when you actually get it, it’s the same feeling for these kids who dream to be stuck to the computer like us but barely get a chance to touch it. We are happy to help them look ‘cool’ among peers and avail every golden opportunity that comes their way.