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Charity Show


Baba Amte once said, “The smile of a man who is oppressed or a child who is suffering is what I covet more than any award.”
Spreading smiles to each face coming across is the act expected from true human being and this is what we find difficult today. We, at Samidha, are trying to do our best to spread smile across those cute little faces.
As a part of our continuous efforts to pour our ‘Samidha’ (offering) in the ‘yadnya’ that Mai (Sindhutai Sapkal-link for Mai’s page) had started, we organized a charity show to raise funds for "Sanmati Balniketan Sanstha" ,the orphanage at Manjri, Pune.
The Charity Show was ornamented with four admirable marathi dramas, winners at the “Firodiya Karandak”, Vinodottam Karandak or Bharat Karandak-all inter-collegiate competitions, an annual feature of Pune.

The dramas were as follows:

On 17th July
1. Atharava Unt
2. Dalan

On 19th July
3. Don Shoor
4. Popti Chaukat

The show would not have been such a success without the stellar performance of the groups and the huge response shown by the Punekars.
The samidha volunteers left no stone unturned in making this event the best they could. The tickets, the entertainment and the food were all taken care of. They made sure the viewers got their wonderful performance, the performers-their patrons and samidha- the strength and inspiration to do even more.
The highlight of the show was Mai’s speech that instilled in all of us the need to think of those whom we don’t know. It was a moment of pride for us to be spreading the message of her work to thousands of people present. She has spent her whole life doing for these orphans what a mother would do for a child-provide for the best she could give them. All she ever asked of us was to give what we could. The wonderful speech which changed our perspective to lives around us can be summed up in her words: ‘amhe tyanche maybap jhalo, tumhi amche gangot wha’ – I became a parent for them, you could support them as relatives. As one of us said, ‘when I realized this evening was for some unknown child without the privileges I had, my own problems suddenly became simpler, challenges achievable and sorrows routine’. The warmth in Mai’s eyes and her words of wisdom moved us all.
We all believed we were here to enjoy the moment and the show but left inspired and enlightened. It left us thanking for what we have, including the potential to spare something for others around us.
All present were gifted a small ‘piggy-bank’,our way of saying that sparing and sharing is simple and easy.

We would like to thank all the people present at the event for supporting our efforts and helping us collect and handover to Mai, Rs 51,000/- during the event. The proceeds were used to build the orphanage at Manjri, Pune.