About Us

What we think?

The who waits to do a great deal of good at once, will never do anything.
                                                                ---Samuel Johnson (British author)

We are the one who have the capability to give back our dues to the society. If we wait now, the tomorrow may not come when we will do our bit to help the downtrodden.

What we are?

At any stage of life, we can surely do our part in helping the society. This is what inspired us, likeminded people to come together as a group.

We plan activities and execute it which directly or indirectly relate to Society. Just to show that our small efforts could also change the world.

Though our time is most valuable to the less fortunate, we may not always be able to fit them into our schedules. Hence we also try to help those who serve society by considering it their sole mission in life, our little help through these saviors.

We would be happy if we could spread social awareness one person further. We are sure we will together make a day brighter for more people in society. We are glad to add more smiles to the world.

Mission: To create a socially sensible world.