Who We Are?

Samidha is a volunteer organization working in the Education sector. Even after being a volunteer organization, Samidha has not compromised with the Quality of the work. We have managed to work with the great professionalism. Over the period of decade, Samidha has grown into the matured organization and all Samidhians are fully committed to contribute "Samidhas" of our efforts towards making this world socially sensible.

"We believe problem are never big, they are made giant just by ignoring them and not treating them well"

Samidha Philosophy

There are countless problems, concerns in the society. UN, Governments, NGOs cannot resolve those, but every informed individual can. Therefore, everyone of us should try to contribute in resolving those problems. Everyone of us will have to take the ownership of making this world better for all of us. Such individual contribution for good cause is called Samidha.

Requesting people to contribute for solving problem has few concerns. We are not able to understand the Spread (Geographical), Interdependence (on other problemes) and Span (on Time). Precursor to these three points is experiencing the intensity of the problem. Therefore, Samidha believe in taking volunteers closer to the social problems. These experiences are the trigger to explore Spread, Interdependence, and Span.

Experiences and understanding is just half of the things. Samidha believes in the actions based on this knowledge. Those actions will have individual orientations. Everyone of us will take individual steps to solve the problems and will demonstrated the better daily practices for better world. People with different expertise will ultimately interact with each other to develop a good culture with such good practices.

We believe that Samidha looking for alternate value system. It is good to work with children when we want to change the value system of the society. If children get opportunity to understand about the society during their growing age, they will be able to take the ownership of changing the world. Initially, it might be very limited to their own vicinity, slowly they will start addressing the larger problems.

Education is essential and powerful tool for nurturing the values in the society. It give us opportunity to understand the world, questioning established systems and taking corrective measures to improve as humanity. Education is for making lives better and realizing our own potentials. It is beyond the instrumental reasons like scoring more, getting degrees or earning money.

Education is not limited to School (or Universities). Everybody is learning all the time. We learn in the school, family and our Community. If we restrict education to formal learning spaces then it create a disconnect and children are not able to related anything to world outside their class. Integrated community immersed learning spaces are the only solutions to this. Community should also get opportunities of lifelong learning. Every individual should In addition to become Socially Sensible individual should get opportunities for Self Actualization. Then only one can become better citizen. Socially Sensible individuals driven by motto of Self-Actualization can become Active Citizens. Such people can help in happy and flourishing the humanity.

We hope to make this world happier

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Joy of Learning

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Sustainable Practices

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Social Sensibility

Journey so far

Am I a good social creature?

Are we socially sensitive?

Do we care about the society that we belong to?

Am I a good social creature?

Aren't we responsible to enrich our culture?

In the search of answers to these very fundamental questions like these, we tossed an idea to unite for revealing the meaning of socially sensitive world. To start with we started working on the facts and some social entities working in the surrounding, very first was the SOFOSH, a child orphanage run by Sasoon Hospital caring almost about 75 children that time all ranging from 0-6 age group. Majority of the initial volunteers were from IT/Software companies and to compare the reality at SOFOSH and the lifestyle that was there in IT/Softwares, it was like 2 polar ends of the life. We kept visiting the orphanage to learn the problem context and depth of the sensitivity of it. We also borrowed some our initial inspiration from Sindhutai Sapkal(Maai) and also raised some funds for them. We started few projects in slum areas around computer literacy. We joined hands with Khelghar (Palakniti) to deep dive in the issues in and around child education area. With this diversified experience, we decided to form a registered trust to get our intentions and efforts formalized. It was almost 10 years back that we signed of this endless journey to learn about the social elements in our surrounding, there interaction patterns, actions and reactions, then from that learning we could identify some key areas that needed the intensive care. Finally, we actually pushed ourselves on the field work to make the difference. As part of our field work we executed lot many short term and long term activities that made it to our portfolio. Few of them are still ongoing as continuous activities.