Samidha is on a mission to create socially sensible world. Every individual in the society should think about happenings around them, and their personal actions. Samidha is building ‘Learning Communities’ of such active citizens in the urban slums and rural area.

Theory of Change

Samidha through experience learned that children can get accustomed to suggested practices easily. They are more open to experimenting and give thought to new ideas. Therefore, Children in the community are primary focus. Samidha treat holistic education (beyond schooling) as tool for transition.

Samidha Learning Community Centers (SLCC)

Children as Responsible Citizens

Samidha is focused towards children. There are three important intervention areas for holistic learning of the children.

  • Academic Support for children
  • Opportunities for self-actualization
  • Developing Social Sensibility

Adults as Responsible Citizens

Children learn continuously, informally learn in the family and community. Therefore, adults are also essential part of the change process.

  • Support in occupational growth
  • Opportunities for self-actualization
  • Developing Social Sensibility
  • Developing responsible SMCs
  • Child Friendly Grampanchayat

Support system for sustaining SLCC

  • Adherence to Samidha Values
  • Adhere to Democratic Values
  • Sustainable consumption by minimalistic life style
  • Create Social Security: Commons, Guarantee scheme, SHG
  • Self-reliance for basic needs: Food, Shelter, Cloths
  • Precaution and Pre-work for increasing Happiness Index